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Corporate War Still Sucks

January 18, 2018

Democrats say the fat man is a Putin-stooge puppet.
Democrats then vote to exceed the fat man Putin-stooge puppet’s war budget request.
Democrats say the fat man Putin-stooge puppet is also cheating on his wife.
Democrats have not yet dismantled the GEO Group ICE prisons-for-profit and deportation.
Democrats say fat cheating man/Putin-stooge puppet is an insane treason committer.
Democrats just voted to allow the crazy-fat cheating man/Putin-stooge/treason puppet, unlimited warrant-free spying power just like Obama and Bush had.

Your news, weather and traffic together.
Also, Guantanamo is your affordable healthcare.


  1. January 18, 2018 13:49

    But there is a bright side. Stormy Daniels says OrangeFuck is a bad fuck.

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    • January 18, 2018 14:03

      Fuck. Right? I think I stopped wondering how stupid the stupidity could go standing next to Ellsberg and Sheehan in front of Bush’s white house gate–when we got the news of Pelosi taking “things” off the table. Certainly wasn’t the first example for this experiment, but that woke me up to the game being played real quick. If only I and 80 million more of us… Sooner. Etc.

      Thanks tube. Nice to see you’re still at it

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