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Sean Spicer Day One: Bernie Would Have Won Edition

January 21, 2017


“Absolutely the largest crowd ever to be miscounted in all of inaugurating history.”



  1. January 21, 2017 16:57

    didn’t you get arrested yet? interesting years are coming your way..

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    • January 21, 2017 17:05

      During the Bush I had all sorts of government interest. During the Obama, it was like we were bombing people with cake and nice feelings. Now? You’re right. Gonna be some days ahead indeed…

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  2. January 21, 2017 16:58

    Marched in Ann Arbor today – great post

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    • January 21, 2017 17:08

      Hi Beth, alright! I’ve been down a bit with a flu-like bug but many from around here went to Seattle. Sounds like there were far more in Seattle today than in DC on Friday than in any day ever recorded in history! : )

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  3. January 22, 2017 20:58

    couple thousand peaceful marchers
    in my small N Cal town.
    and the clown president
    just keeps the horror coming 🙂

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    • January 23, 2017 09:18

      We had a few hundred turn out here in our small town…but Seattle was yuge! (175k?)
      Tubualarsock stopped by and reminded me that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet…think he’s probably right. Thanks smilecalm as always!


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