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Teach Your Children Exceptionalism Well

December 11, 2015

some day
the dollar store will become the 43 cent store
and i will go there
and i will shop
and i will kill the first terrorist son-of-a bitch that i encounter in
the hormel chicken tamales in chili sauce section


  1. December 11, 2015 13:48

    I don’t like Hormel products. Worse than greened eggs without ham. Should we kill the jihadi terrorists or the christian terrorists? I think that any ‘terrorist’ worth terrorist weight should be killing bankers and/or other Wall Street types.

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    • December 12, 2015 11:23

      I think we should kill their sky gods…and let the Bill McKibbens of the world sort it all out from their Zuckerberg tunnel base in Wyoming until the rest of us grow bored with all the scripted drama and find ourselves craving little more than Northern Exposure reruns of seasons 1 through 3. Maybe the fourth season as well. Anything short of that…and I suspect the old GE reactors and fire retardant-filled furniture will probably do the rest of the terrorizing anyway.

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