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Other people’s TPP: Yeah you know me

January 29, 2015

my strong hands caress
you tremble, as i kiss my way down your sexy, sweaty body
so close
so close
you recall that Ed McMahon and i would never really deliver


  1. January 29, 2015 11:30

    Reblogged this on O LADO ESCURO DA LUA.

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  2. January 29, 2015 17:31

    It’s all perceptive but that house must get a huge amount of mail from the size of that mailbox. And Ed McMahon always seemed to Tubularsock like, “postage due”.

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    • January 30, 2015 08:51

      I think I remember seeing those commercials back in the ‘Reagan Cheese Years’, and daydreaming about Ed showing up at our door to save us from our lower rung of the class ladder. If only I had bigger dreams than “Ed” amongst the drama back then.


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