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I’m with Al Franken’s Wars!

October 1, 2014

the invincible webs of terror
must be swept away over there
before they ensnare your children
and hold them until the barbarians eat them alive
over here


  1. Jeff Nguyen permalink
    October 1, 2014 16:37

    I love the web…this is an amazing shot. Another liberal bites the dust. Franken voted for support of Israel during the last Gaza siege…

    Peace out, lens.

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    • October 1, 2014 20:11

      I bet even Al has lost track of which Bush wars he was against before he was for them all never ending while backing all the new ones too. Like my sentences…run on wars!

      Spider webs are in abundance out here right now. iSmartphone does a good job capturing them, all dark and moody just like I like ’em!

      Good to see you back out here again, thanks Jeff.


      • Jeff Nguyen permalink
        October 1, 2014 20:16

        Run on wars…that’s a perfect description, lens. How could I stay away?


        • October 1, 2014 20:55

          Read today we’re going to ramp up our nuclear warhead production too. It’s as if genocidal criminals are in charge and they’re daring the sleepy work-a-day for less class to do something about it…

          We’re all gonna have to pool our voices. I guess locally and via the ”tubes and wires” of the internets. I think Occupy reached more people than turned out…did better for a short time than the pretend liberal anti-war movement anyway. The permitted parades funded by Lockheed…are just not gonna force Lockheed to build fancy sun-powered people movers and poison-free food. But then again, I’ve got nothing better than my anger and somewhat warped lens to offer at the moment.


          • Jeff Nguyen permalink
            October 2, 2014 06:22

            Yeah, the nukes will come in handy if those mighty nation-states of Barbados or Malta decide to rise up against us.

            FYI…I like to think of you as a wide angle lens.


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