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The AUMF is as recent as you Think

July 19, 2014

sitting in my Kirkland Brand underwear
sipping some Kirkland Brand Colombian roast
eating my Kirkland Brand toast that is
covered in Kirkland Brand butter
that lies just beneath delicious Kirkland Brand jam
and thinking about the mindless rubes…
sitting in their Wal-Mart Brand underwear
sipping some Folgers Brand swill
eating some Wonder Bread toast that is
covered in fake-fat brand margarine
that lies just beneath delicious Smuckers Brand high-fructose
thinking about the smug rubes…
eating their Kirkland Brand toast


  1. July 19, 2014 12:55

    Dude! You made Tubularsock hungry for some Wonder Bread white bread! Ahh, lunch.

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    • July 19, 2014 15:12

      I was a Wonder Bread eater now I’m not.
      I was also a voter, an Airman, a borracho and a midnight toker. Now I’m just waiting for 1993’s Winona Ryder to notice me…which brings us back to nutrition, habits and poor choices? I blame Johnny Depp.


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