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Bezos Allen and Fear

February 2, 2014

if waitresses made 17.20 an hour
there’d be no need for
wealthy-tipping boys with a divine belief
in their own god Complex


  1. stevehi permalink
    February 2, 2014 07:22

    If we all made $100. dollars an hour would we all be atheists or evangelicals? Would it still matter who was paying?


    • February 2, 2014 08:25

      Baby steps.

      With even say $15 dollars an hour, the military economic draft begins to dissipate. With a livable wage…debt lessens, spending increases, children get fed, and gang influence dissipates (just like the DoD) while education then at least gets a chance to occur. Assuming of course that the school is still standing.

      If we can’t afford livable wages then we can’t afford Capitalism. See trillions spent on war and Wall Street instead of billions spent on Hanford-free air, GMO-less food, or maybe even free community college. (We can still buy the 75 dollar text books)

      At $100 per hour we all become Paul Allen/Erik Prince and Nancy Pelosi-like. No one would care about the Super Bowl!…and then it wouldn’t really matter what anyone believes in. All we’d need were hungry Patriot Acted fodder for war and minimum wage workers while…Bank of America. Kind of like now…except well, there goes the whole system. If we’re all Oprah, good lord…then who will mow the lawn?

      At 17 dollars per hour…lies and empire begin to crumble, while we also get the extra added benefit of possibly ignoring Donald Trump and Simon Cowell on our teevees. Maybe we can also then say hi to a neighbor as we walk around gun-free…without fear of debtor prison and or the heat being turned off.

      Robber barons have calloused brains because their hands are soft from putting their special genes on…three legs at a time.


      • February 2, 2014 08:30

        I do appreciate the question Steve! I just needed a really long Socialisty way of finding that “special genes” robber baron thing….

        : )


      • stevehi permalink
        February 2, 2014 19:53

        I would agree with much of what you have written here, however it is hard for me to believe that anyone would believe that $17. an hour would cure the laundry list of issues that you put forth.
        While that increase might help some until inflation would eat that up, the actual numbers would be a small percentage in the popilation of over 300 million. Did you know that only 2.3% of hour wage earners work for minimum wage.
        I wonder does it really matter what anyone believes in this world. That’s a silly question for me as what I see every day demonstrates that all that matters to many people is that they have access to their smart phones. The world could end and few people would notice the event if it wasn’t a message forwarded or shared on some social network. Even then they wouldn’t know or care if it was true.

        We as a people have made this country what it is today, The elected representatives are unresponsive to their constituents and no one cares becuase they are all paid off at some level in their gigantic bureaucracy and the rest of the people can eat the poisoned toxic dirt . A small number of international corporations control our lives and economy.
        They feed us GMO foods, spray poison in the sky to try and manipulate the climate, see Soon international laws will be enforced here instead of recognizing our consttutional rights. So good luck with your minimum wage hike. It would be almost laughable if wasn’t so sad. The right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness only applies to the very rich International corporations and powerful bureaucrats.
        This is my opinion and is meant respectfully. I will add no more to the comments on this post. I wish you well.


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