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Fund Amtrak Not Darpa

September 11, 2012

We won’t have a nicer Amtrak—until Darpa stops inventing the same old way to keep you unemployed…and or interested in the volunteer Army.

Empowering the working class might lead to funding health care, education, and maybe even a livable wage for the many.

With an empowered working class, there could be strong unions. With strong unions—could come strong people. Strong, educated and healthy people, don’t like Patriot Acts and trillion-dollar ‘grifts’ for criminal millionaires.

This is why we fund Iraq and not Amtrak.

According to the Detroit Free Press, big oil could save Amtrak…like big oil saved Iraq.

If you know anything about Iraq, then you also know why we can’t have an empowered working class…or even a nicer Amtrak.

Now lets watch where much of your healthscare money went.

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