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Strolling With the Paranormal

September 9, 2012

I read the news today— that it was time to freak out about climate change.  Oh boy?

It seems another lucky man had made the grade Koch connection
Without making the better Bush connection.

Rather sad though the news was—I had to laugh, because I took the photograph.

Let this summer be our Hiroshima, then. – Jonathan Golob

We can’t compare our apathy with Hiroshima, but we can connect our apathy to our grand psychosis.

This is our summer of Fukushima.  This is our summer of Guantanamo, Trapwire and Senator Ron Wyden’s refusal to do the right thing…and blow a Bradley Manning-like whistle. This is the summer of no prosecution for Wall Street, or any street that the CIA tortured humans to death on.

i read some more news today
it seems that no one has yet been able to connect
climate change with…
Patriot Acts
or constant regime change

A day in the Homeland life.
Oh boy.

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