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Quelle Dommage

August 2, 2012

If our drone missiles were shaped like vaginas, would the brave video game playing men use them more often, or much less?

If your couch is at least as dangerous as Norm Dicks’ Taliban, shouldn’t the Border Patrol arrest Norm for not deporting our couches? I guess there’s truth to the adage – that throwing Norm a party – is just a whole lot easier.

Drinking fortified wine and beer is the drink of choice – for many who live the good life – that is Reagan’s trickled down dream.  Some neighborhoods don’t like to see the dream, but they do like to go camping with their $9 six packs of high alcohol content micro-beer…

Sadly for the struggling working class, Wa. State Parks operated on handouts – doled out by the trillions, by the liberal nanny state. Or something.

Now the parks will soon be closed and your couch will kill you.  But hey! At least you can buy some cheap beer and…oh wait, never mind.

On the bright side of life, we know that the police have our backs in their sights.
Because your couch can kill you
And it might possibly
Speak some Spanish

OK, well, at least we’re well protected from North Korea’s balsa wood and tinfoil missiles…that could reach us in a pretend Iranian minute!  That is as long as our patriots at Missile Defense…aren’t too busy watching Reagan’s trickled down phreedum, in the shape of Internet porn.

Maybe if all missiles were shaped like vaginas?

Quelle Dommage
What – a – drag

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