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Than a Wet Cardboard Box Tasked With Carrying the Homeland’s Freedom Rocks

July 30, 2012

Were we to combine the Department of Homeland Security with the Seattle Mariners, we’d end up with something resembling the Food and Drug Administration — with two outs in the bottom of the 9th — sure there are runners on base — and Ichiro’s at-bat!…in New York.

If forced to find the differences between the underemployed humans of Spokane, from those of the underemployed humans in Seattle…we’d find that Leavenworth really doesn’t care for either one of you. Your cash and jewelery is what Leavenworth expects…come get drunk! – but leave your dirty, alcohol-free marijuana at home.

Austerity works! For the defense industry. Austerity wurks! For the beer industry. Austerity works! For any government agency that can build a better nuke.
The world has about 20 thousand of them
All it takes is one

John Cassidy asks: Is America Nuts?
The long answer to that is, yes.
We’re crazier than a wet cardboard box tasked with carrying the Homeland’s freedom rocks.

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