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Stealing from Juan to Pay Ron

June 8, 2012

Like many things in the Homeland, titles don’t always mean what you think you thought they might have meant.A self quote from just now.

Ron won’t pick the salal in Forks, Washington, that your Safeway florist needs to finish your cheap bouquet of flowers.  Flowers that smell like something an rBGH infected cow wouldn’t bother eating.

Why not buy her a half-a-share of useless Facebook stock instead?

Ron has a gun and Ron has a weapon.  Ron’s too white to know how to use his gun, but he sure knows how to hide behind his mustache of gay porn-like phreedum.

Juvenile gay-porn mustache jokes, really only offend those who have a well-armed closet to hide in.I also said this…just now.

If President Obama were the far left Kenyan that Ron’s mustache thinks that he is…then Guantanamo would be closed, drone warfare upon women and children wouldn’t exist…and Ron would be more comfortable in his own hidden skin.

If Ron would stop stealing from Juan – Senator Maria Cantwell would be looking into why it is that Karl Rove is still free – free to hang his shirts in Ron’s closet…instead of looking into the already well-known practice of Oil Company Earth ending.

Senator Murray not investigating anything either.

Like Ron, Senator Cantwell ought to get a grip.  Perhaps eating some BP infused shrimp from the Gulf would be in order?  Because nothing says The Homeland better, than eating BP’s Gulf shrimp from within the Seattle Fusion Center – while reading what I’m writing here…before I even knew I misspelled half of it.

Misspelled phreedum.  It’s a lot like watching Senator Cantwell ignore the Border Patrol in Forks, while we prepare to also take on China. I pretty much just pulled this quote from out of you know where.

I had a weird dream last night.  It was a phantasmically wild – yet grammatically poor dream, where Sherman Alexie moved to Spokane, to save the salmon-free river from the Spokane PD.  There was also something about a girl who wouldn’t go and change with the girls – in the change room?

Part of my dream could have been a strange Canadian song from 1993, but my dreams are closer to Malcolm X’s…than Maria Cantwell’s, or that of Ron’s gay porn mustache.

Stealing from Juan to pay Ron.
It means nothing
but it could mean something.

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