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Hungry Like the Wabbit

June 7, 2012

If you’ve never been violated by a Duran Duran song and or video…then I suggest you MoveOn to someplace safer,
like Pinterest.

Often in life, misspelled phreedum is used to entertain, inform and frighten us.  Take George W. Bush for example.

If you were 12-years-old when Saudi Arabia Attacked us in 2001 – then according to my Indiana mathin’ and grammarin’ skills…you’re now somewhere between 20 and 28-years-old, heavily tattooed, underemployed and living with your parents, grandparents and or an even angrier sibling.

That masters degree in World Domination via Twitter Marketing…doesn’t seem so stupid now.

Take Brian Dunkleman for example.

In these trying times caused by the Democrats and their somewhat slower witted cousins – the Republicans…it helps to remember that we all can’t be Ryan Seacrest.  And that’s pretty much it.

Sure we’re in the midst of 28 different trillion-dollar wars apiece…that many of us have never heard of.  But again, we can’t all be Ryan Seacrest.  Hell, most of us will never even make it to Brian Dunkleman’s forgotten level of ‘forgotteness‘.

But at least our kids aren’t going hungry, and we’re not wasting money on refurbishing old military bases just in case of China?

OK, well, at least Idaho doesn’t fear the Mormon-less vodka that is somehow made in Utah.   Anymore.

I hate living with my mom.  Though her tattoos are pretty cool.

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