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The Na’vi Don’t Read

May 12, 2012

Occupied Since Before 1871

Pete Seeger’s songs of Communist-socialisty/Marxist-like stuff, remind many of us that Islam wants to sleep with our women – right after they kill those of us who hid our guns…
during Clinton’s Gun Eradication Program.

This is why Cabela’s has a gun library.
It’s also why the Na’vi don’t read.

Pete Seeger doesn’t have a gun library
but he did fight against an age-old sin.

Singing songs about freedom, ending war
and supporting workers rights…
did bring the FBI – music blacklisted and censored
we the newly Patriot Acted – still buy the same old lies.

The Na’vi don’t read
Clinton didn’t kill Cabela’s library

Raffi Cavoukian wanted us to stay together
and maybe enjoy a peanut butter sandwich…made with jam
we didn’t listen to Raffi
and we didn’t listen to Pete.

The Na’vi don’t read
because Cabela’s has a gun library.

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