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Answers to the Questions No One Asks

May 10, 2012

Bruce A. Dixon asks: “Why isn’t closing 40 Philadelphia public schools national news?

Alan Grayson asks: “At this point, after 11 years of pointless, fruitless, endless war, doesn’t all of that apply equally to the war in Afghanistan?”

The Seattle School Board asks: How do we cut 20 million dollars?  How do we keep teachers teaching and janitors janitorializing – schools open, lunches served and books read?

The Spokane Police Department asks its citizens: Please don’t profile racially like we do, when hunting for black men.

Here at the Lens – I’ve asked many times: How do budget shortfalls happen, when we have trillions of dollars available for billionaires? How can we not afford health care – when we can afford 11 years of Obama’s continuing Bush wars?  Why ‘is are is edumication’ so expensive…when we have trillions to give?

Drones aren’t free.  Maintaining ‘are newklear’ arsenal from good spellurs ain’t free neither.  The new Border Patrol outposts that will protect us from the GMO food pickers – but not from the GMO food itself…makes as much sense as the undoing of the Glass-Steagall act.

If no one asks the right questions – does this mean that Wall Street got away with it?

If no one cares about the schools in Philly, or the expensive wars on brown-skinned humans who live near oil – doesn’t that mean that the never-ending wars and fake FBI underwear plots against us…will lead to never-ending expensive wars and more fake FBI underwear plots against us?

Ummm in a word?  Sure.

The Patriot Acts and the NDAA acts weren’t called Give Us All Your Money or We’ll Attack You With Anthrax Again Acts…for a reason.

Apparently – we’ve got quite a few issues to deal with.

The answers to the questions that no one asks?
Stop buying white bread, kill your teevee again, stop blaming Ralph Nader for our collective insanity…and be careful what you buy.

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