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Drowning in the Shallow End of the Gene Pool

April 10, 2012

When Agent Orange Corn becomes the norm — Vietnam will have finally been won.

When Vietnam is officially misremembered — the EPA will direct you to Dow Chemical’s own studies…to verify the wholesome goodness of the Agent Orange Corn.

When the EPA tells you that Hanford-like pesticide use is the best known way to grow organic-like foodstuffs — President Obama will then increase his war on those journalists, who keep trying to tell us Agent Orange Corn eaters…that something is really very, very, wrong with our interpretation of ‘teh phreedom’.

War criminals come and war criminals are allowed to go…because the Democrats fear that we’ll stop eating the mind-altering Agent Orange Corn.

When well paid baseball managers are suspended for saying semi-nice things about Fidel Castro — you’ll know that too many articles about war criminal Democrats are making their way
to the Internet.

See the phreedom of Bush and Condoleezza – along with Mitchell and Jessen for more.

For less, eat more Dow Chemical flavored corn.

Welcome to the shallow end of the gene pool.
The water’s great!  And it runs –
not all that deep.

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