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Dentists for Jesus

April 9, 2012

Easter has come and Easter has gone.
The Homeland hates those 3 guys in al-Qaeda
but hunting for Easter eggs and filmmakers
is a lot more fun.

If the TSA are not hunting al Qaeda
then the dentists wont be warning you about
those scary filmmakers either.

There are never-ending wars against them, and other never-ending wars against those.  There’s even a never-ending war against those who don’t even like the never-ending wars against them other ones.

The wars against education – ‘is are also to go well too
but most of us can’t spell it.

There’s Japanese radiation in California and there are no nukes in Iran.
We should probably do something about that radiation
but we’ll just spend 12 years attacking Iran
for GE’s radiation from Japan.

There are drugs in our water and there are drugs in our food
eating and drinking will kill us
so clearly – attacking those who speak Spanish
makes as much sense as anything else.

Easter has come and Easter has gone.
Many of us were just “visited” by a rabbit bearing candy
while others prayed for plastic eggs filled with the wonders of China.

The dentists aren’t for Jesus
I think they’re for al-Qaeda.

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