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What Would Tebow Do?

March 20, 2012

What would Tim Tebow do if he found out that Peyton Manning was actually Bradley Manning? Would he drop to one knee and ask God almighty why we torture, mutilate and murder women and children for Northrop Grumman?  Or would he just want to move to Florida?

What would Tebow do if Trayvon Martin had been the son of a future teammate?  Would he drop to one knee and thank God almighty for last seasons touchdowns?  Or would he ask for forgiveness for Jonathan Chait?

If the accused serial killer Robert Bales also turned out to be a thieving stock trader, would Tebow know the names of the humans murdered?  And if he did, would Tim blame President Bush, or President Obama…for what President Clinton did to our ability to own guns?

Like YES! Magazine and Tim Tebow’s desire to do good things – there’s always a nuclear stockpile just next door, that tends to render your pretend positions…radioactively moot.

When translated from Homelandian to Farsi, radioactively moot becomes Spanish for secuestrar and or raptar.  See the Blaine Sector
for more.

When Obama 2012 is translated from Homelandian to Pashto, radioactively moot becomes Teabagger for same as it ever was.

As per usual, I’ll let Rep. Norm Dicks…do that math.

If Tim Tebow can’t save us, then maybe Bradley Manning already did.  Since someone actually pays Andrew Sullivan to ignore dead children like Nabia daughter of Mohamed Wazir…I’ll just let Andrew make up the retarded Homeland math.

The Homeland has now become so infected with karma murdering idiocy, that the best way I’ve found to describe it…is to have to sit through a minute and 15 seconds of a guy droning on about radio frequencies and Alex Harvey, before he gets the fuck out-of-the-way and lets AC/DC play.

Depending on which version you like better – Tim Tebow or Bon Scott’s…Hell ain’t a bad place to be.

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