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It’s Like a Pattern or Something

March 19, 2012

When events keep recurring
a meme runs through them.

Changing the meme, to recognize the pattern…is what we were supposed to have learned in kindergarten.  Obviously, education doesn’t work.  But how convenient for the Texas Legislature!

Quick, ask any patriot about any of the wars we’ve lost in the last 50 years, and it will be confused.  Ask any politically vested human living in the Constitution Free Zone of the Homeland, why it is that Spanish Speakers are so coveted…and you will learn that the Millennium Bomber didn’t speak Spanish.

Oh hey look!  I may have just changed a meme!

Actually, the Millennium Bomber was the start of an expensive trend.  ‘The trend’ became a meme, which then morphed into the Bush – the Bush changed into the Obama…who shall now forever be known
as a pattern.

Executive orders were scary for the democrats during the Bush. Now  they’re only scary to those who weren’t paying attention while under the Bush.

It’s like a pattern – or something.

The illegal wars and torture during the Bush…were good fun for some, but not so much for the others.  The war crimes and torture continue, but we’re still too mad at Ralph Nader to sense any recurring themes.  Obviously, Sgt. Bales was as stressed, as any family man with bills can be.

Kill teams from Joint Base Lewis McChord keep the fingers of the dead as trophy’s…because college in the Homeland is so expensive.  We spend trillions to keep trophy fingers from Afghanistan, even as we spend billions hunting Farsi speakers in Forks, Washington.

Have you ever been to Forks?  There are no vampires…and coincidentally, there are no Farsi speakers either.

It’s like an expensive pattern.  Or something.

It will cost us billions of dollars that we can’t afford, to allow The Utah Data Center to spy on your mother.  Cops of the Homeland know that your rights can be terminated…while solar power is just too damned expensive to keep wasting money on.

Patterns.  Pfft.

It appears that keeping us barefoot and Patriot Acted, keeps ThinkProgress and the ‘progressives‘…fretting over the price of gas.

Recognizing patterns are for kindergartners. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and a gang of 5-year-olds will point this shit out to us.

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