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Nobody Expects the Homeland Inquisition!

March 2, 2012

Why nobody expects the Homeland Inquisition! is a question best left to Andrew Breitbart.

Why Bruce Springsteen supports President Obama’s endless wars on brown-skinned children, civil rights, jobs, the environment, Spanish Speakers, poor people and Julian Assange…is also why Bruce hated
the Bush.

If even the working man’s Bruce can ignore the Bagram…then we might as well just ignore Fukushima too.

Since we’re already ignoring GE’s Fukushima, we might as well ignore Obama’s Saudis and their connections to 9/11. Which in hindsight, just so happens to be the very same Saudis, that the pretend liberals used to connect the stammering Bush with.

Cares not for Bruce's 'Badlands'

Who needs crazy conspiracy theories when we’ve got Jay Carney?  Jay doesn’t resemble Ari Fleischer, but he sure as fuck sounds just like him.

I guess since we’re listening to Bush’s Obama’s Ari Fleischer Jay Carney, we might as well just eat the abundant Monsanto/Dow provided food-stuffs.  Sure it’s been soaking in 2,4-D, the delicious part of Agent Orange…but that’s why we’re ignoring Obama’s Guantanamo.  Because it’s just the same as the Bush.

For more on why we get so upset at the scripted, pretend rhetoric of the idiot millionaire Limbaugh, we should look at why so many of us use Password1…for you know, passwords.

Man, I sure didn’t expect the Homeland Inquisition.
Nobody expects the Homeland Inquisition!
Because we’re too busy blaming Obama’s Bush
for Bush’s Obama.

See the Patriot Act or Ed Schultz for more.
Or ignore Yemen, Mexico and the Seattle Fusion Center
for even less.
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