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Rationality Down and Many Profitable Yards to Go

February 13, 2012

I like to think of the Homeland as the NFL.  We have several teams battling each other for the chance to play in the Super Bowl – where to the winner goes the spoils of world supremacy…along with quite a few diamond rings.

Once won, the world supremacy is not only short lived, but since the world wasn’t even playing in the game…it pretty much boils down to a bunch of guys sportin’ gaudy diamond rings.

A Freudian battle – if ever there was one.

Which brings me to our collective rationality.  Rational thought has fallen so far off the scale of measurability, that the Homeland has now entered threat level Norquist.

Threat level Norquist is so far removed from that already narrow plane of rational thought…that Grover himself is now considering a .00022% federal tax increase, for every 4 cents spent on flying Sarah Palin anywhere.

That’s Grover getting shit done.  Which translates to Fukushima is indeed killing us faster than GE had originally planned.

One might say that the our inability to see the Monsanto grown forest, for the Army Anthrax Attacks against us…is why Wall Street deserves all of our money.  Any future money that you had hoped to make, is now also gone.  And not just because there’s no such thing as – future money.

One could surmise that the ‘reason‘ liberal minded humans ignore the never ending wars, along with the loss of more freedoms than Cheney’s Bush ever thought possible…is because Rep. Norm Dicks thinks very little of your reasoning powers.

Norm will look into why the Army can afford to create veterans with PTSD…but not why Norm himself, helped create the Taliban.

That’s our collective rationality at work.

Rationality used to be buried at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, until it washed downstream to Portland, Oregon.

After Portland became cool, they hid rational thought at Bangor Sub Base, amongst several thousand nuclear warheads.  But, a few rogue Catholic’s kept breaking in to get your attention…so what was left of rational thought, was then secreted away to the Navy’s Indian Island.

Indian Island is the largest weapons storage depot on the West Coast.  It’s just across the sleepy waters from Port Townsend, Washington…where the food co-op fears Israel, more than what Indian Island’s blast zones are capable of doing to the public schools in their town.

Rational thought is safe at Indian Island, because it’s now protected by President Obama’s NDAA.   Indian Island itself is surrounded and protected by the lack of rational thinking liberals…who themselves are surrounded by irrational thinking conservatives…neither of which can get past the fact that a black man can be far more conservative…than the idiot Bush was ever able to mispronounce.

This leaves us with the Constitutional Free Zone that also surrounds Indian Island.  It’s the last line of defense against free thought.

But since free thought itself was actually purchased by the NFL in 1974, I am left wondering what the fuck I’ve been going on about.  Which I suppose, brings us right back to the diamond rings and Freudian battles.

Rationality down and many profitable yards to go.

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