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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Confused Patriot

March 27, 2011

Patriots of the Homeland come in all sizes, colors and sexual orientation.  However, trying to get the patriots of the Homeland to agree on any two items of self-interest, is about as easy as bribing Newt Gingrich into wearing a condom.

The 27 years worth of funding for the pretend wars against poverty, racial inequality and Reagan’s wide stance against torture, is the same as the amount of funding spent during the 12 seconds it takes President Obama, to decide who to attack next.

It’s a bunch.

Maybe if the governors of Michigan and Wisconsin were former tyrants who worked for the CIA?  Well, anarchy is just a dream on Portland Indy Media, now isn’t it.

Like many patriots, the dreams of my father didn’t made any sense.  He was more afraid of recycled sewage, than he was of nuclear power/waste/spent fuel or the Nuclear Engineers in Richland, Washington.

As if by some miracle, so is the entire Kitsap Peninsula.

Biosolids are now more scary than the last paragraph of Karen Dorn Steele’s article — about the Columbia Generating Station.  Yes, biosolids are now more frightening than Muslims, or any of the earth ending nuclear weapons waste, that currently finds itself kinda semi-safely stored…above the fault lines at Hanford.

I also hear that Sarah Palin has a Journalism degree, Saddam had CIA WMD’s and a gang of 80 year-olds, couldn’t possibly break into the nuclear weapons storage area at Bangor.

Yadda yadda yadda, etc. etc. etc.

Hell hath no fury!, like a confused…like a, um, a guy who…is that
donut porn?

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