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Vietghanistan a Lie – Patriots Stunned

February 6, 2012

Not since Gisele Bundchen was forced to eat a Depleted Uranium sandwich…right next to a dead family in Fallujah, have so many of the bourgeoisie class been so put off.

That was until yesterday, when poor, poor-poor Tom Brady lost the world for his men.

No, the CIA was not shooting at the Patriots from a Sasha Obama drone.  No, the Taliban were not able to infiltrate the Patriots playbook, by supporting the al Qaeda-Giants.  It was just one ruling class family taking on another, and yet somehow, M.I.A. raising a digit on her hand…was the most vulgar moment of yesterday.

I think it was either Madonna or Noam Chomsky who once said: “I want your sex.”  Actually I think it was Boy George who warbled: “this will scare the living shit out of the pre-patriot acted Americans…but they’ll buy it anyway.”  

Which brings me to Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis.

Col. Davis wants you to know that Afghanistan is no Grenada, and Detroit was a piece of cake.  In other words, Vietnam was lost because we shouldn’t have been there to begin with.  Iraq was lost because destroying Detroit was much easier than Iran will ever be.

See Korea and the Lakotah Reservation for more.

Try peeking at Bank of America, Pakistan, Libya or Mexico for even less.

The truth was never ‘out there‘.  The truth, is actually at the Porsche dealer in Liberty Lake, Washington.

When Malia and Sasha Obama are joined by the Bush twins, in calling for the arrest of everyone in the last 10 to 12 Presidential Administrations…then you’ll know that Janet Napolitano will not go down without a fight.

Until then, just pray for Gisele and Tom Brady.
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