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Quote the Olbermann Fraction

January 5, 2012

Quotes are almost as cool as being over 50 and dating Scarlett Johansson.  Or if you happen to be Scarlett, I’m sure Sean’s stories about Shanghai Surprise…were almost as awesome as anything Bill Murray touches. But I somehow doubt it.

Which brings me to Ralph Nader via Counterpunch, and the quote of the day.

Let’s face it, if today’s Republicans are the most craven, greedy, ignorant, anti-worker, anti-patient, anti-consumer, anti-environment and coddlers of corporate crime in the party’s history, why aren’t the Democrats landsliding them?

Great point Ralph, but I would have tossed in a “why haven’t we renditioned the Democrats to Bagram yet?

It’s my commentary like the above, that help us understand why I’m able to maintain a fraction of a fraction, of Keith Olbermann’s fraction – of his former one million viewers at MSNBC.

Or maybe it’s just my Indiana Englishin’ of the language, which can, and is frequently…lost in translation.

Either way, quoting Olbermann’s fractions are not for everyone.  Just like paying attention to what the Democrats actually support, instead of imprisoning them for continuing the policies of the Bush.

Shanghai Surprises aren’t always what you think they’re supposed to be.  Sean knows this, and Scarlett probably figured it out too.

Lessons sure are hard to come by in the Homeland these days.  I suppose if I were forced to suss one out of this post…it might be that Madonna’s performance in Vision Quest, was far superior to anything Senator Patty Murray has done…since selling her soul to
Rep. Norm Dicks.

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