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Maury and The Astronauts

January 5, 2012

Someone once gave Buzz Aldrin the keys to the secret space condo on the moon.  Buzz says he gave the keys to Neil – Neil says Buzz was never there…

In addition to starting another moon landing conspiracy, I’d also like to take this time to go on record, as to being against anything Buzz Aldrin has to say about Mars.

Astronauts.  Pfft.

Astronauts are a bit like Maury Povich.  You can’t trust any of them with the keys to the Goddamned secret moon condo…and no one other than Connie Chung, really knows why Maury and the astronauts are still gainfully employed.

So if Buzz “ever gets the keys” to a blog like AOL/Huffpost – remain calm, but do try to be vigilant.  Cold War rocket jockeys love to warn about Chinese or “Soviet” space race wars…but give us a heads-up about Fannie, Freddie or Maury Povich?

Just step away from the keys Buzz.

In related news…Tiger Woods’ ex-wife just bulldozed a $12 million dollar cabin in North Palm Beach, Florida.

Why?  Because to Nike and Elin, Thursday is just the day after Wednesday.

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