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Liberal Man

December 29, 2011

Joel Connelly is a columnist who leans left – that is, as long as he’s in the same room as Dino Rossi or Andrew Breitbart.  Like other self-confessed pretend liberals, Joel has been liberally beating the drums of the Democrat Party, for about as long as the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation…have been forced to live near Omak.

No one should be forced to live near Omak, and no one should be forced to believe that Democrats are liberal.

Joel has a smarmy blog post up at the PI which kindly points out to us…that Rick Perry is a fucking idiot.  Thanks Joel, we the Patriot Acted by a Democratic Congress and President…really don’t know why
you bother.

Arguing with a pretend liberal is like arguing with a pretend journalist.  Which is funny, because most pretend journalists are also pretend liberals…which is pretty much why the word ‘smarmy‘ was invented.

Most liberal while pretend journalists, are not able to find any proof that Homeland Security, your local PD, or any of your local Fusion Centers are teaming up to break the Occupy Movement…just as they did the anti-war movement.  Coincidentally, this is also why the Homeland is reading your emails, and teaching your child Creationist P.E. in das Public Schools.

Mr. Connelly does mention in his post, that the Keystone XL pipeline does indeed get its start in Canada.  Joel does not mention to you or Rick Perry…that the oil from the terrorist-like Canadian pipeline, that when it reaches the oil spill-free Gulf Coast…is destined for foreign markets.  Joel does not mention Obama’s drone murders of brown-skinned children for Boeing, and Joel does not question why Guantanamo would even need green energy?

Sure Rick Perry is an Earth ending asshole.  Sure Rick Perry makes Bush look like Rick Perry.  Yes the last three years of Obama’s wars on the Constitution, Islam and common sense…look, smell and taste just like a better version of the Bush.

But you’re not going to hear much about that from Joel, Breitbart or YES! Magazine.

But you might just hear about a dead cat in Arizona.

Now extrapolate – liberal man.
And don’t forget what your good book says.

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