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Change is Complicit

December 2, 2011

Change in a Box

Change came to us in the form of a Democratic President, who made room in the White House for all his rowdy Wall Street criminal friends.

Change then brought us endless war for Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Boeing, because change is complicated.

Change then declined to close Guantanamo and Bagram, because the GEO Group prisons will soon run out of room.

Change is Janet Napolitano.  Though it’s funny, because Janet sure looks a lot like Michael Chertoff.

If you’re a pretend journalist living in a pretend world of journalistic fuckwadery, then you’ll certainly be rebutting Naomi Wolf’s rebuttal…to any and all pre-rebuttals, that were previously thought to be rebuttal proof and or rebuttal free.


Because Change is…all about rebutting rebuttals, until no one cares who rebuts what, while the Senate votes to imprision you in Obama’s not closed Guantanamo.

Naomi does a fine job rebutting Holland’s Opus.  But life isn’t like a box of shitty chocolates.  Life is more like a shorter Holland’s Opus, where it doesn’t matter how deeply the Department of Homeland Security is banging you…it only matters that rebuttals get rebutted.

Meanwhile, words like Olympia/Tacoma PMR, John Towery, Clint Colvin and Erhren Watada, get forgotten behind the dumpster of freedom — that once held your Posse and your Comitatus.

It’s not like a bunch of us weren’t warning you…but those yellow ribbons of troop support sure are magical.

In addition to some of Naomi’s rebuttal of the pre-rebuttal, some of you might try searching Olympia PMR and John Towery.  Then ponder a man named Richard Purcell, who lives on Marrowstone Island, just a stones throw away from the largest weapons depot of the Blaine Sector.

A V-Lens hint for journalists everywhere…think Microsoft-NSA Key-Echelon, which is in no way related to Occupy LA or any – somewhat bigger picture.

Change sure is.

Change is also like the air blowing through the clean nuclear power at Fukushima.

Change is using John Wayne to help us ignore genocide.

Change is Yahoo! News just realizing that we knew about Pearl Harbor before…Bush knew about Bin Laden’s CIA paychecks from
Rep. Norm Dicks.


Change is Patriot-like Acts and empires that could not be maintained, without a little help from the journalists and the Estate, that comes in a far distant Fourth.

Change requires complicity.

Complicity requires change.
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