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From Tahrir to Here

November 19, 2011

A Revolution Parks Where It's Needed

Tents are fast becoming (along with the beaten and chemicalized students, activists and 84 year-old’s of the growing #occupied districts) one of the biggest threats to the continuation of the Homeland Security State.

We no longer hear as much about the 28 guys in al Qaeda, the evildoers in Bush’s Taliban or even Fukushma.  But rest assured, once we’re through losing the wars against marijuana, Mexico, Yemen, AfPakistan, Iraq, Detroit, Libya, Central/South America, China, Africa, the Philippines, education, healthcare, jobs and common sense…we’ll be ready to evict and incarcerate the terrorist tent setter upper’s, no matter where they, you know, set up tents.


No wait, my bad.  The Homeland and it’s paramilitary local PD’s…are already losing this battle too.

When the little tents first went up just down the dirt road from Bush and his brush cuttin, the 1 percent blinked.  When Cindy Sheehan and several thousand veterans, activists and concerned Homelandian’s appeared to not be leaving — anytime soon…the one percent went into action.  When the big tent at Camp Casey went up, just down the dirt road from Bush’s pretend ranch of manliness…Karl Rove knew it was time to back up his copies of everything Cheney had done.

It seems like just over three years ago, that the streets were filled with anti-Bush wars and anti-torture activists.  Since then, the streets have been fairly empty of anti-Obama wars and anti-torture activists…because Democrats don’t do war, and Democrats certainly don’t do torture.  Democrats just hide in the shadow of the Koch’s dam – plugging the hole with their hope – and caulking the cracks with
their change.

It eventually got ugly in Tahrir and now it’s getting uglier here.

The tents are back.  But this time, the tents are not filled with Democrats…they’re occupied with the Patriot Acted.

From Tahrir to here.
It is getting uglier
but ugly works harder
and MoveOn should probably
just move on along.

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