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Wars, Tax Breaks and Wall Street

November 18, 2011

In most of the Homeland’s major urban and fusion center infected areas – it’s hard enough to pay the bills, feed the kids and dodge the flying bullets.  How can anyone expect us to know much more than what lies two feet beyond the Kardashian cleavage zone?

And therein lies the joke.  Knowledge is not what is expected from us.

Our tax dollars are required
blind subservience is encouraged
participation is a birthright.

Local SWAT Teams Against the Resisting People’s (LSWATTARP) makes for a crappy acronym.  So when one has a crappy acronym, one must coördinate with the FBI and the DHS.

Initialism trumps acronym – acronyms then spray and beat the people’s – much to the media’s delight.

Rinse off the empire and repeat.

The great hidden depression of 2001 – 2019 was caused by two parties and three things.

Democrats and Teabangers are the parties, the Wars, the Tax Breaks and the Wall Street are the things.

We don’t really learn lessons well…so I guess all that can be gleaned from this – is that the frogs will all die, along with education, healthcare and hope.

But that there’s Democracy.  Lead by the previous example.
Hope is like dope – it stings going in and the rest is all a bit fuzzy.

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