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The Joe Paterno Pose

November 9, 2011

From about 2000 and three, right up to November of 2000 and eight, many of we the Patriot Acted were in the streets; demanding impeachment, demanding prosecution and demanding justice for all – because the war criminals at the time were Republicans.

It’s 2000 and eleven.  Other than the Occupy movement – we get what we ignore.

The Patriot Acted are restlessly paralyzed.

Joe Paterno has shown himself to be a tiny man, with the moral fabric of those he rules over.

Sounds familiar.

Never ask a Teabanger its opinion on anything other than french fries, or the color of Obama’s skin. Never ask a peace-loving Democrat its opinion on anything other than the crimes of the Bush.

The answers will be identical
identical the answers will be.

The Homeland is not made of milk and honey – sunshine and Skittles.  Unless you’ve been stroked by a lobbyist.

Poverty in the Homeland knows no political party.  It also wants us to find Matt Lauer – because millions of us make less than 5,000 useless dollars per year.  Unfortunately for most of us, we still get to vote on corporate backed initiatives – and we never get stroked by a lobbyist.  Unless by lobbyist you mean, Homeland Security, or a pissed off cop with a Paterno Pose issue.

Where?  Where indeed is Matt Lauer?


Iran is like Iraq.  Which means we’re to believe that we’re not – the most propagandized and pretend freedom loving nation…since J. Edgar Hoover grabbed the goodies of anyone that got near him.

The Joe Paterno pose should cause a few of us to think about the last 10 to 200 years worth of the BushBama American Dream.
But it wont.
And we wont.
Fukushima still burns.

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  1. jjradd permalink
    November 10, 2011 10:25

    Poor Joe. One day he is worshiped for being a winning coach; even has a statue. Next day he is mortal once again and evil. I guess folks should stop worshiping other people for just doing their job. I have never seen a statue for the greatest sanitation worker or janitor. I guess we are all human animals and maybe we should think twice about elevating other human animals for just doing a good job.
    I could care less about Joe, his sport, or his hypocritical cult following of fans and wanna be athletes. Get a life folks and pay more attention to where your kids are.


    • November 10, 2011 11:05

      And on the seventh day…the Penn State children did riot. Over PoJoe, football and the unfairness of it all…not drone Capitalism, torture or the endless wars they’re currently not fighting in.

      Our heroes have always been much closer to home…unarmed.and typically at the business end of a shovel and or a pipe chase….


  2. November 10, 2011 13:45

    Iran is like Iraq in that they both are four letter names, starting in “Ira”, pronounced the same way. And they both have mostly arid climates, and are located in the middle east.

    That’s more in common than Mozambique and Malawi! They’re just both African and starting with M!


    • November 10, 2011 14:20

      Yale is like Ohio, in that they both also use four letters to name themselves. Neither Yale or Ohio start with “Ira”, but they should, because a rather large percentage of us wouldn’t know a Taliban from a Hoosier.

      But that’s neither here nor there. Because all climates anywhere north of Texas…don’t really matter to those who can’t speak Pashto. Ponder any Border Patrol agent.

      Of course on any given humid day – in a steamy Penn State locker room, all roads do then lead to the Joe Paterno Pose!

      See Iraq for more.


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