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Peanut Butter of the Elite

November 1, 2011

The Occupation of Wall Street and many other streets, parks and college campuses – has just about driven the elite and their enablers in Congress, to do something illegal.

As if.

It’s funny, because without at least two easily digestible “demands” from the occupy movement…the Homeland’s elite are again turning to Ann Coulter for help.

That my friends, tells us that you’re winning.

There are a few other noteworthy signs directing us towards Occupy’s success.  The price of peanut butter being one of them.

The analysts of all things peanuttery, tell us that there is a shortage of peanuts due to the drought in the southern sector of the Homeland.  This gallery of peanut analysts also wanted me to remind you – that really long droughts have happened before, but since the earth is only 6000 years old…we just don’t have enough science behind the cult to make an informed decision.  Sooo just to be safe – killing all of the Muslim children of the world, is probably the best way to bring the price of peanut butter down.

Wow, and y’all thought I was nuts.

Anyway, this price cult of peanut butter and the usage of Ann Coulter, leads me to about three inevitable conclusions.

  1. The Democrats didn’t prosecute Bush before Obama, because Congresshumans Rockefeller, Harmon, and Pelosi, think we know too much already.
  2. Homeland Security knew what I was going to type out before
    I did.
  3. Sidewalks now trump free speech rights.

Digging in the dirt – below the peanuts – can sure make us dirty.

But dig we must
for if we don’t
Peter Gabriel will stop getting paid.
Although…worse things have happened.

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