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Apples Grow on Trees

October 31, 2011

Morals, laws and the paper the constitution is ignored upon…don’t grow on trees.  Apples, lazy Homelandians and Border Patrol agents… do.

Throwing money at a problem only works if you’re the problem.  See the Department of Homeland Security for more.

Invading, occupying and murdering inhabitants of far off lands for their own good, only worked in South Dakota and Iraq.

Occupying and occasionally sending other than white-skinned humans to private for-profit prisons, works well for the Border Patrol, the GEO Group, Rep. Norm Dicks and the Corrections Corporation of the Homeland America.

Obviously, the polarity in our moral compasses ‘have not been‘ reversed.  The arrow that once pointed in the pretend direction of our pretend morals, is now pointing in exactly the same direction it always has.   In other words, none of this is new.

The Border Patrol is now reminding us that the ghost sperm of Saddam, or bin Laden – might just attack and impregnate us with their inferior genes, if we were to say…stop allowing Border Patrol agents to break the pretend laws of our homeland.

The constitution breakers will remind us – of all of their successful captures of would-be terroristy evil doers, and in that same breath, not remind us of 9/11 or the Army Anthrax Attacks.

You do the math.

What we need are solutions.  Solutions and apple pickers.

Like the WMD’s in Libya, our apples won’t pick themselves and Border Patrol agents can’t speak Pashto.

None of this shit is new.
This same old shit
is not new.

Apples grow on trees.

You do the math.
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