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Some Mysterious Table

October 14, 2011

A rather large percentage of the Homeland’s decision-making processes are determined by what is left on, and or off of…some mysterious table.

If a decision is to be made about doing the actual right thing, it will inevitably end up off of the table.

Determining how to murder human kind for profit, God and glory – has never been off this table.

See the Mexican/Iranian Concoction for example.  Paying Iran back for its non-involvement in the FBI’s pretend assassination of a Saudi ambassador in DC, is most definitely on the table.

Perhaps it’s time to dismantle this mysterious table that determines everything. 

We could offer Norm Abrams a $500 billion no-bid contract, to build us a better Federal-Style Game Table.  Upon Norm’s table – we might then recall our pretend values and morals – that were not God-given, but man-made, so as to keep slavery and Manifest Destiny intact.

For more tabletop tomfoolery, see the CIA and its Cofer Black, Bikowsky, Casey and Richard Blee.

Seems we do indeed have some mysterious table problems.

How can I be certain?
1. The LA Times has noticed that something is “up”.
2. Juan “Obama’s Libya is Awesome” Cole – is wagging the long ago dead dog, as if we don’t recall…

At this juncture, I’m going to table my new table request of Norm Abrams…until that time that we stop camping out for new iPhone’s.

I wish us all good fucking luck with that.

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