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I Like Your Messages to Be Readily Identifiable From About 74 Yards Away

October 10, 2011

If I had a 195 dollars for every time some asshole asked us anti-war activist types – “so just what is your message?”, I’d be the richest Marxist-Communist who leaned Fascist – Anarchist/Democrat…like EVER!

If every participant at every Occupy action across the Homeland…were to hold identically messaged signs — that were readily identifiable from at least 74 yards away — not one reporter from KOMO 4 News would ask about the thousands of WMD’s located just west — of YES! Magazine headquarters.

Question.  How do you tell a Wolf Blitzer scripted story at CNN, from a Tricia Manning Smith scripted story at KOMO 4 News! in Seattle?

The answer?  Erin Burnett shaves her beard.

The message, dear scripted news pusher of the Homeland…is quite clear.  Agent provocateurs work for the Army, the FBI, your local PD, and the Bank of America.

For more on this see Olympia and Tacoma, Washington – the RNC of 2008 – WTO – and the Army Anthrax Attacks.

All signs are pointing to one readily identifiable message.
Those who pretend to miss that message
Are what the message is all about.

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  1. karma tenzing wangchuk permalink
    October 10, 2011 14:54

    Free Turtle Island!


    • October 10, 2011 17:07

      I was going to do an interpretive dance about Columbus Day today, but I figured my version would piss off the remaining 12 readers I have..

      That and interpretive dance via a written blog entry just wouldn’t translate ; )

      FYI – I appreciate your readily identifiable message.

      Thanks for the haiku via email, I’ll get it out asap!


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