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The Letters R – D and W

October 6, 2011

If Obama had the letter R affixed to his moniker, millions of us would have been in the streets two years ago – protesting his wars, his crimes and his death panels via CIA and Air Force drones.

Teabaggers would have turned out to spit on the veterans who were against Obama’s wars, while Fox News and Erin Burnett at CNN…would do exactly what they do now.

Since Obama has the letter D affixed to his moniker, some of us have just recently occupied the Wall Streets of the Homeland – but the wars, the torture and state of the Homeland Security State…remain unoccupied.

The Teabaggers still spit in the faces of veterans who oppose Obama’s wars, while Fox News and Erin Burnett at CNN…are doing exactly what they do now.

On an even dumber note, I leave you with the letter W.  This W is no Bush, but the morons of the Westboro Baptist Cult Church…who through all the fault of their own, Tweeted their stupid intentions of picketing Steve Jobs’ funeral – with an iPhone.

Wow.  You know, fuck me.  Think I’m just happy.
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