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Keyword Searches Validate My Thinking

September 26, 2011

As I am what I am, I sometimes enjoy adding keywords to posts that have nothing to do with said posts.  I’ll toss in a “Jael Phelps hot” here, or a “Sarah Palin nipples” there…and maybe even a “GOP’s trickled-down fascism that the Democrats allow” – elsewhere.

Being the puritanical freedom loving nation that we are, you’d think I’d have far less traffic than that of the Hot College Girls of The Big 12 Conference.  And do I!!

This past week at the Lens, “Occupy Wall Street” was not being searched for often.  ‘Sarah Palin nude‘, ‘Ed Chigliak‘ and ‘Alfreda Frances Bikowsky‘, were however –  quite popular with the Google/CJIS searching crowd.

Either my sense of humor when keywording posts is finally getting noticed…or the war on education was actually won back in 1992.

I think both scenarios may in fact be true. 

This weeks Ed Chigliak searches must have originated from Darren E. Burrows location, but for the record…Ed Chigliak is probably the most intelligent pretend person with a message to have been searched for here in quite some time.

The Sarah Palin’s nude nipples and Obama’s Alfreda Frances Bikowsky searches on the other hand…are far too popular with the geeks in charge.

You’d think the geeks at the Seattle Fusion Center and back in Clarksburg, West Virginia, would have more important things to be doing with our billions of tax dollars.

For example, why not track down that girl in the 8th grade that kept telling you to leave her alone?

Yes the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information System ( is indeed a frequent visitor to my ramblings.  When we add in the various visits from DHS, the Tacoma PD and many a guilty Army Anthrax Attacker…I think that they know, that we know, that Ed Chigliak and we the patriot acted are indeed on to something.

Happy Monday Dr. Fleischman!!

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  1. karma tenzing wangchuk permalink
    September 26, 2011 13:51

    Well, I don’t know much about ‘Ed Chigliak,’ and don’t want to know anything about ‘Sarah Palin’s nipples,’ but my word-searches for ‘newfangled people-control pens,’ ‘pepper spraying as a sport,’ and ‘the new american fascism’ came up with a direct hit on

    yrs in the american dream, tenzing


    • September 26, 2011 16:24

      Oh those newfangled people-control pens…

      If the NYPD and the Pentagon spent half as much time and money, protecting us from Bank of America, we’d be “this much” closer to being just like the Homeland of the 1950’s.

      Or maybe the Democrat controlled Congress of 2007?

      Thanks for the words Tenzing, today, as well as the other day.


  2. September 28, 2011 06:59

    Kettles of Bologna & spraying for sport…yup.

    I’m not sure what NYPD protocol is about burning the snot out of people’s mucous membranes and walking away without making an arrest, rendering aid or writing an incident report, but I’m sending some lovely e-mails to those in charge of the white shirt wearing bully-terrorist they employ.

    There’s going to be an Occupation in my area starting Friday. Luckily, I am in possession of a gas mask.

    The local Eff BI office is not too many blocks away from the designated area so I might drive by and hold up a sign for their security camera watcher to enjoy. haha


    • September 28, 2011 09:23

      My Bologna has a first name…it’s A-n-t-h-o-n-y
      My Bologna has a second name, it’s not Oscar Mayer, but
      he is a frightened little wiener.

      NYPD’s protocol is just like the Army’s, Tacoma PD’s, Seattle and Spokane…shoot first, let the prosecutor/AG do nothing about it later.

      My friends in Tacoma are still fighting after being attacked, my friends in VFP, IVAW, the Longshoremen and beyond, have all been sprayed, cuffed and tackled by many a frightened Anthony Bologna…and yet, here we are. Same regime, different democratic face.

      Keep your head down on Friday TripodMA..and thanks.


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