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Blame My Alarm Clock

September 15, 2011

I’ve used the same alarm clock since 1993.
It’s made of cheap plastic – yet full of pretend Chinese anarchy.

Though the plastic may be getting brittle…It still works great.

Obviously – this makes the BushBama Depression my fault.

I should have shopped for a new clock before NAFTA.
I could have shopped for a clock after 9/11.

What about during the Army Anthrax Attacks?

I think the end of Posse Comitatus took care of that.

We know who did it.
It wasn’t Iraq, it wasn’t Mexico, nor was it
Rep. Norm Dicks’ VietAfPakistan.

The Democrats didn’t impeach, because Patriot Acts aren’t cheap.

If China can build a better alarm clock
Who then will arrest Robert Mueller?

A Petraeus? A Holder? Perhaps John Ashcroft?
Hey look! It’s Tom Ridge’s – Alberto Gonzales Chertoff!

Happy almost Diecisiete de Setiembre.

My alarm clock still works great.

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