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Names from the Maize

September 14, 2011

There was a Beth, a Roger and maybe a Dan.
I think?..therefore I was there.

2nd and 3rd grade in Ellettsville, 4th through 5th near Bloomington — just north of the place that Bobby Knight built.

There were fields of corn, but I don’t remember any dreams.

Beth, Roger and maybe a Dan.
I wonder if they turned out left wing or right wing?
The maize didn’t have wings, but it did listen well.

Ellettsville and Bloomington…I saw Tommy and my first
Honda Civic there.

Beth, Roger and maybe a Dan. It was 1975 and no one said shit about Vietnam.  Now it’s ought eleven, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn’t know shit about Viet-Afpak-Iraq and or Yeminstan.

Bloomington, Ellettsville and marching bands.  Names from the maize.

Mellencamp didn’t even know we were there.

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