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Rise for Nothing Fall for Everything

September 11, 2011

The only thing keeping us in our place is you.
The only thing keeping me in place is I.

Us. We. Them. I.

I twit this, you Twitter that.

The FBI does not racially and religiously profile her victims.

The FBI is not the 902nd MI Brigade at Fort Lewis.
But they do know John Towery.

Our troops do what they’re told.  Rep. Norm Dicks does — as he’s been bought and sold.

Boeing is not about union labor.

Thousands of us have Top Secret clearances.
Millions of us have a Secret one.
Yet we know the secret.

Blackwater/Xe, Lockheed Martin and Chertoff’s Napolitano.

Port Angeles?  Sequim and Forks?  Port Townsend isn’t just for tourist dollars and Wooden Boats.

You can see the war from there…but nobody knows. Because it’s a closely guarded secret.

Today must be 9/11…because Rusmfeld, Feinstein and Paul Wolfowitz are out and about.

You’re either shopping with us, or you’re against us.

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