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Harold Koh is Your Yoo Too

August 14, 2011

Harold Koh is the current Obama lawyer who was diametrically opposed to Bush’s lawyer Yoo.  It was ‘You’ who said: a president can torture, murder, spy on and or invade whom ever he damn well feels like…your Constitution and common sense be screwed!

Harold Koh, like most Obama supporters, thought Bush and John Yoo et al., were criminally inept tools of the corporate and military/intelligence community…better known as those who really hate your freedoms.

It’s 2011.  Harold Koh is the new John Yoo.  Obama is the better Bush, Democrats rejoice in their blood lust and the Pentagon, Wall Street and your intelligence community…are not unhappy.

The Homeland is full of John Yoo’s and Harold Koh’s.

Power does not corrupt, it’s the corrupt who seek power.


The Lens is in the desert for a few days, pondering this, that and the other.  Photos should be forthcoming, observations will be many yet my interpretations may be few.

Follow me, as thirsty as Yoo are.

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