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Black Album Blue

August 12, 2011

On this day in 1991, Metallica released their Black Album.  Hard core fans wept over the loss of ignorant youth, while a whole new audience reveled in their new-found rebellion.

Ten years later, we were a day past a month away from Richard Clarke’s unheeded warnings…Metallica was between ReLoad and St. Anger — Iraq was gearing up for its attack on no one — Afghanistan was building more mud huts and Libya was waiting on Obama.

The rest of the known knowns are known by George Tenet.

Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin know profit.

The Pentagon has more billion dollar weapons that don’t work, than the Mexican drug cartels have DEA supplied weapons that do.

Our food is genetically engineered, Starbucks, torture, Bieber and DARPA will not be controlled by satellite, Obama, Hetfield or Ulrich.

A more perfect spot for a Metallica Black Album tune…there never could be.  But I’m as far from a perfect spot, as General Petraeus is from understanding why Leon Panetta was no Tenet, Black or Blee.

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