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First Lady Gets Things Done

July 21, 2011

Michele Obama has gone where Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush, Babs Bush and Hillary dared not; she actually accomplished something.

The first lady has gotten Wal-Mart, Supervalu, Walgreen’s and other regional grocers, to start adding fresh foods to the food deserts of the Homeland.  More veggies, less frozen, less fried but not necessarily less GMO Frankenfoods.

Baby steps are better than no steps.

Good on Michelle.

Now if only the first lady would take an interest in other pressing matters such as, the wars against Islam, Marijuana, Mexican’s and common sense.  Maybe those Army Anthrax Attacks, some war crimes trials, or even the Wall Street Jihad against us…might strike her fancy?

The trillions of dollars for wars and spying on you could be reduced…if only Michelle cared.

Some Michelle interest in the 16 trillion-dollar secret loans to billionaires, instead of healthcare, jobs or schools, might just land many a corporate overlord and congress-human in a GEO Corporation prison…if only Michelle cared.

Evidently Michelle, the Homeland has a rather substantial Anthrax/war crimes problem?  There’s mention of it here, over here, again right here, oh look here’s another! and sure!, why not one more!

I’d think your husband would have some explaining to do…to you and the girls…but then again, Casey Anthony is free.

Hey!?  Maybe Casey could move next door to Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney or Condi?  John Yoo could mow her grass and Karl Rove could get her elected as the next president of Texas!

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