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Dream Tiny

July 11, 2011

In traveling around the great State of Washington this past week, I was reminded that we’re all in this together…and as the felon Martha Stewart might say: that is definitely not a good thing.

Having been immersed in the tiny anti-war/anti-fascist/anti-racist/anti-corporatocracy/anti-this, that and a few others…I’d forgotten that people are just people and they’ll just keep voting anyway.

Our concerns are many and they change as often as al-Qaeda changes it’s underwear.  Which is often.

Al-Qaeda and it’s Norm Dicks purchased underwear are as plentiful as an anti-war crime Democrat…in that they barely exist.  Like Tenet, Goss and General Hayden before him and General Petraeus after him…Leon Panetta is at least as good at arranging flowers and baking a cake, as Martha Stewart is at burying war crimes and misdemeanors.

Fancy cakes may not make Lockheed Martin billions…but Norm Dicks didn’t create the Talibanal-Qaeda because Boeing likes clean underwear.

If you require proof that what I say is true, you can ask the Border Patrol, or check out who we might attack next…Pakistan, Iran or an Army Private, instead of those who continue to profit, while pretending to argue about debts and ceilings.

Be more like Martha, dream tiny, do the C-Walk and do not ask Rep. John Conyers to impeach the system that he built…while pretending to hate the system that he built.
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