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Still Crazy from the Heat

July 7, 2011

I’ve found that it’s much hotter in the eastern deserts, than on the tourist rich island from where my words normally infest the internets…

The ILWU has yet to shut down the ports and end a few of our wars, but neither have the peace and justice-loving Democrats.  There are trillions for this war and trillions for that war, but there’s not a trillion to be found…for this school, that school or any other damn school.

I guess we’re too cool for school.

But there is hope!  The Pentagon’s number two pooper scooper: Deputy Defense Secretary Bill Lynn…is stepping down. So I’m tossing my name into the hat as his possible replacement.  I’m funny and I’ll have no problem smacking Colonels upside their fat, lazy heads, as they purposefully wander the halls of the Pentagon…looking for a job with Lockheed Martin.

Give me a call Leon, among ‘other things‘, I’ll have the troops home in a Janet Napolitano minute and keep them busy arresting several thousand of our Wall Street, K Street and most of those who lived on Panetta’s former street…for treason, war crimes, theft or whatever the hell I feel like calling it.

The Patriot Act used in reverse…can be a beautiful thing.

Still out and about, not taking enough pictures, but I am ensuring that the new Border Patrol compounds in Washington State, are properly modified…for your protection.

Back at it soon, be somewhat Vigilant.

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