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One Down and Only 1.6 Billion to Go!

May 3, 2011

Faded Hope Kills

Because Bush lied so Obama could too!?

If the Democrats don’t count the dead bodies in Iraq, Yemen, Mexico, Pakistan or Obama’s Vietghanistan…they’ve only got about 1.6 billion more Muslims to go!  Sure Mexico is full of Catholics, but you know, whatever.

After enjoying the Progressive Deathbaggers on Twitter last night, I went to bed secure in the knowledge that the Patriot Act should have been ‘beautifimicated,’ instead of the dead Pope.

Since the Democrats haven’t really done much of anything about anything, since they stood up for Clinton’s erection…killing one guy at a cost of over a trillion dollars seems perfectly logical.

Quick…how many progressive Democrats does it take to fight in Obama’s wars?  None!  They’re too busy trying to keep Israeli goods on food CO-OP store shelves!

Nixon was almost impeached for breaking into the Democratic National HQ, in an attempt to wipe some snot on their paperwork.  Clinton was half-impeached for doing what Congress has been doing to us for more than a few decades now.  Bush and Obama?  Hello?

I’m not even going to bother.

Now for the real news.

If you drink milk that comes from cows that have not been approved by the Homeland…prepare to be Patriot Acted.

Need a job?  Try al Qaeda or McDonalds.  Both are hiring…one pays you in fake cheese, the other pays with visits by Wolf Blitzer’s war boner.

Our lack of employment opportunities can be directly traced to Obama’s wars and Wall Street.  But since we’re laying off teachers and closing schools, we aren’t smart enough to just die from cancer without marijuana.

But you know what?  At least most of us aren’t John Aglialoro‘s shrugging atlas…

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