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Carpe diem DC

April 30, 2011

Seize DC and put as little trust as possible in the future…

Citizens for Legitimate Government are gearing up to Seize DC in September.  September, 10th would be the kick off.  Go here for more.

Protest can be a powerful tool if done right.  Marching around the block with your parade permit, stapled to your correctly spelled signs of protest…not so powerful. 

Shutting things down takes courage.  Courage takes commitment. Commitment and courage would be needed by many people, in many cities and burbs all across the Homeland.  Shutting things down takes desperate, hungry and fed up citizens who are sick of being Patriot Acted.

There is no draft.  Our desperate and hungry citizens would rather listen to Trump, Jon Stewart and the Disney Channel than help themselves.

It’ll also take more than Sean Penn and Maxine Waters.  Watching Ozzy and Jon Stewart perform in DC won’t shut anything down either.

We spend billions of dollars going to sporting events, movies, concerts and off-Broadway performances by George Costanza.  We spend even more time and money watching teevee, porn and eating at Applebee’s.

I’m sure the folks at SeizeDc know all of this: ‘so then tell us, smart ass blogging photographer guy…what should we do?’

Hey glad you guys asked!

First off, check out these kids in Tucson.  No permits were issued and no parades occurred.

Secondly, the Koch brothers, the FBI and Lockheed Martin aren’t ‘as stupid as they are think they is.’  Now the Border Patrol…sure, they’re idiots and they’re catching terrorists who speak Spanish…not Pashto…every day.  The Obama DEA are attacking marijuana smokers with cancer, while arming and funding the “drug cartels”….every day.

Obama’s DOD, the DOJ and the CIA are torturing POW’s, reading your emails and fighting a global war on terror…because Saudi Arabia attacked us and raised the price of gas.  We then invaded Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Mexico, Palestine and all we got was Janet Napolitano and Vietghanistan?


Thirdly and most certainly lastly, unless there’s a draft or ILWU shuts down all of the ports…the Disney Channel will be on, porn will be available and our teevee’s will still be informing us.

Sure I’m a Debbie Downer.  No I didn’t re-invent the protest wheel.  Solutions to our troubles were not clearly addressed in my words, because I think grammar and sentence structure are for Prius drivers.

I bid thee good luck with the seizing.  Do skip Sean Penn and do talk to VFP, IVAW and Cindy Sheehan.  Get the teachers unions on board, cops, firefighters, the Teamsters, some black bloc’ers and most importantly…the Longshorman.  You get ILWU to shut down every port for as long as it takes…and the Koch Brothers will magically get Bush and Obama prosecuted.

It’s sad but true…but it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Happy weekend Homelandia.

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