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Apartheid Rapture Your Snack Hole

April 28, 2011

A Peter Lippman photo!!

Dateline Seattle.  The issue?  Billboards.  The trouble?  Humans.

The solution?  Don’t read billboards.

This solution was easily come by, but it will cost Seattle about $27,000 dollars.  My solutions are easy, but they aren’t cheap.  Think of my invoice as a Gary Payton lay-up and you’ll be just fine Seattle.

I’m all about solutions.  Solutions and toast.  I love me some toast.

Anyway…it seems that the Rapture Ready Rapid Response Team, are allowed to put up offensive billboards of earth ending tomfoolery…while billboards depicting Israel as a nation that is engaging in war crimes and apartheid on our dime, are just not Kosher.

A not so good Amy Rolph photo

As you can see, Christ is planning to return on May 21, of this year.  Why Jesus chose to only communicate this important event with just two cult members…is why we still fight wars for oil.

For much, much far too much more on Billboard Storm 2011!, head on over to the Seattle Times and the Seattle PI.

As an aside, I’d like to point out that both papers are equally important, as they both use ‘the Seattle’ in their names.

So I guess we can either pack our bags, as the Rapture is just under a month away…or we can just stop reading billboards.

Now open your snack hole and feed it.

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  1. May 2, 2011 17:59

    I know I won’t get caught up in the rapture, but maybe he’d have time to stop by for some snacks and a quick Q&A session.

    Time’s awastin’….I need to make the guest bathroom presentable.


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