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Same Song Lacking in Digital Underground

April 26, 2011

Wars for profit, when led by a Republican half-wit, are bad for the economy and those who live near oil.

Wars for profit, when led by an intelligent Democrat, are still bad for the economy and for those who live near oil.

Same song, but definitely lacking in Digital Underground.

The Bush wars on Mexicans and drugs were marginally effective.  The Obama wars on Mexicans and drugs have escalated and are bound to make big profits for the private prison corporations, Boeing’s drones and Sheriff Arpaio.

Same song, but no Digital Underground to speak of.

Bush said newkular, Obama says build more.  Solar panels are not cost-effective, because we’re out of flat surfaces to put them on.  Wind power ruins your view and creates ironic ‘schadenfreudes‘ for PUD’s.

All around the world, it’s the same old song y’all…minus the Digital Underground.

Bob Dylan grew tired of the Prius driving, Obama sticker crowd…before the Prius, or the Obama sticker was even invented.  Bob called them ‘Maggies Farm’, you can call them the protest folk movement…I call them MoveOn.orgers.

When RATM covered Dylan’s Maggie, it became the same song — with a very different meaning.  You could call it a protest song against racism and the police state, I call it the couch bound activists anthem, Dylan calls it money and yes…there’s still no Digital Underground.

You can blame Bob or Rage Against the Machine for this post of no Digital Underground, but don’t blame Obama, blame Bush and go here if you really need that DU fix.

“hypothetical, political, lyrical, miracle whip
just like butter, my ryhmes are legit
Cause I’m the humpty. not humpty dumpty, but humpty hump
here a hump, there a hump, everywhere a humpty hump.”

I’ll just shut up now…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Maggies Farm – Rage Against The Machine

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