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Hunting for Jesus Eggs and Change

April 26, 2011

Bush Lied, Obama Sold Many a Prius

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve just returned from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation’s ‘Secret Easter Egg Hunt for Jesus!’

It’s a time-honored and quickly deteriorating tradition of my drunken Irish familia, because there just isn’t a better way to say ‘he has risen!‘…than a drunken hunt for colorful eggs, in Washington State’s own Fukushima death zone.

Finding the goodies in the middle of the Hanford death zone really isn’t all that difficult…as the drunk egg and chocolate bunny hiders, usually drop dead about 2 feet from where they’ve hidden them.

Hence the quickly deteriorating, time-honored tradition.

As we’re running out of our least favorite uncles, aunts and cousins…this year was probably our last year of Hanford egg hunting.

Still Dying

For those of you who live anywhere outside of the Tri Cities, Hanford is located at the epicenter of one of the best death inducing places on the planet.  Although, anywhere Hillary Clinton is looking to spread some Democracy…does comes in a close second.

The spreading of Democracy usually reminds me of laws and those of us who break them.  President Obama says that Bradley Manning’s contempt for the rule of law…is almost as bad as the Presidents contempt for egg salad sandwiches, or the Africans and or any other brown-skinned humans he’s currently droning to death.

The moral of today’s post could be: never hunt Easter eggs for Jesus, while drunk and or anywhere near Hanford.  But with reality being owned by Disney and Koch Industries…I suppose the moral of today’s post would be: don’t get caught and if you do, blame a  defenseless oil and Muslim rich nation and then arrest some pot smokers.

Remember folks, if you see something…say something and then inform Robert Muller.  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT inform Homeland Security.  They’re as useless as Obama’s grasp of the words Guantanamo, Mitchell, Jessen and Yoo.

Change seems as familiar as hunting for radioactive Jesus eggs.

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