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Resistance is Feudal

April 10, 2011

We the peasants, grow weary of the protection offered to us from the Vassals at Bank of America, the Pentagon and Homeland Security.

We may be Fiefs, but we’re not thief’s.  We want our trillions of tax dollars back.  With interest.

As the Lords grow more fearful, Bank of America pays no taxes, takes our bailouts, then steals our homes by force — for profit.

Teabanger’s want their money back, along with a birth certificate too!  Sure they’re dumber than any shore in Jersey, but Trump didn’t make his money by screwing the Lords, he made it by screwing you and Ivana.

Perhaps if Donald had been screwing his hairstylist instead?

We peasants that inhabit the revenue-producing properties of the Homeland…grow weary.  When the Teabanger can rise up with the Neodem and the Neocon can join hands with the Progressive Democrat, followed by the unholy union of the Republican and a Green Partier…the Lords will feel our resistance and the Kings at Koch Industries will fall.

Resistance doesn’t have to be futile, but until the Scientologists can stop the CIA’s psycho Psychologists, resistance will probably remain feudal.

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